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10 tips to look younger

The dress pants should fit, not too wide nor too tight.  The baggy dress pants that make you bags will add more volume to your figure...

Admiring Kigali’s changing skyline

As Rwanda moves further and further away from its troubled past, its phoenix-like rise has led to many changes in its cities’ appearance. Take Kigali,...
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Garnish with prints

Pictures or tartan, stripes, flowers, polka dots … What would we do without them? The prints are great allies of the decor in any room of...
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Start your day with a healthy breakfast

The breakfast is the first time of the day from which we have the opportunity to take care of our eating habits. It is the most important meal of the...
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Lights, Camera, Smile . . Or Not

Are you one of the many people who are too embarrassed to smile when the cameras are flashing? So many people are ashamed of their...
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