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Myths and misconceptions about home staging

Home staging is a subject that has many misconceptions. Some people think staging is for those with large budgets or flashy houses. Some people wonder why they need to hire a professional to style their beautiful home before selling it. Others wonder if staging even exists.
Yes! Home staging is a growing profession, as estate agents and owners of property have seen the increased selling price and the faster turnover that they can achieve when the property is staged.

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Do you want to see the potential of a property or just view it as-is?

Many people are unable to look beyond the glossy wallpaper, the avocado green bathroom tiles, and the lounge filled with family treasures. 75% of people cannot imagine what it “could” look like. 75% of people miss the point…and fail to make an offer!

Are empty properties more attractive to viewers?

A completely empty home is also harder to sell as it’s difficult to imagine what will fit into the various spaces. A property that is empty can feel cold, echoey and uninviting. It has been proven that showing a lifestyle a buyer can relate to and identify with is very effective. Home staging can increase the sale price of a home by 8% on average, according to Rightmove statistics. When you need Gloucester Estate Agents, visit www.mwea.co.uk

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Declutter for a better chance of attracting buyers

The key to selling a beautiful home is to create a serene, decluttered feeling that will give the buyer a sense of calmness and comfort, rather than the cluttered, hectic and stressful lifestyle we all live. They want to experience the dream and not the reality.


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