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Online Modeling Agency

The Internet and its endless possibilities is giving rise to the most innovative ideas. Today I want to talk about this concept and to a agency recently launched and is mounting an online modeling agency.

And unlike the modeling agencies where traditional casting requires hard work and a lot of resources, in this case we talk about bringing the entire system to the network, thereby extending the scope both in relation to the database future models as well as the ability to reach customers in other borders.

BusinessMounting Online Modeling Agency

We are basically talking about an online infrastructure that enables a practical way to unify the two parties in the process.

On the one hand allows any aspiring model, able to climb with ease from photos that allow admire their physical as well as a comprehensive profile where the height is recorded, measures, additional capabilities such as performance, movement, dance, etc… This of course without leaving aside a summary of your experience and availability.

This catalog shall be accompanied by some videos where the person can show in a few minutes your skills in modeling.

On the other hand, the platform will enable customers registering interested in hiring models to assess the various candidates can apply filters according to your interests. For example look for a model by his height, hair color, nationality or experience.

The secret of success in this business will mount lies in the huge saving of resources for both professional modeling as patients do not have to travel to the offices of the agency for evaluation and contracting saving the high costs involved . This at least in the first phase of the process for a second phase and if they could make an appointment in the studio to finalize some details.

The business course is that online modeling agency earns a commission ranging from 20% to 30% of recruitment through this system be made ​​of the services of any model.

The opportunity is huge for all parties because the models will have the opportunity to reach more potential customers, customers find a very convenient platform to evaluate a greater number of models from the comfort of your office or even discuss the election with executives involved in the decision and the agency then has the possibility of expanding its database exponentially and therefore their income.

To Install System Infrastructure

Essentially, since the concept is totally online business or at least 90%, should consider the following in its construction:

  • Hire a programming team to be responsible for analysis, design and programming platform.
  • Acquire the necessary infrastructure in terms of hardware, software and Internet bandwidth to provide high-speed service and capacity.
  • It must have all security requirements to secure transactions within the platform as payment for reservations or direct contracting
  • Last but not least, as every internet business must be accompanied by a good marketing campaign on social networks that ensures brand awareness and to attracting more customers interested in hiring the service.

So, how many ad agencies, television, magazines and event organizers know who might be interested in a system like this? Well, get to work! and build your own online modeling agency.



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