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The Many Benefits of a Staycation

Why go abroad and stand in line for hours at the airport when you can enjoy a fantastic staycation and experience everything the UK has to offer? There are loads of benefits to staying in this country and even summer’s these days seem to be getting longer and warmer, so you can’t use the weather as an excuse. Here are some of reasons why you should consider a staycation this year:

Less time travelling

Travelling abroad is adventurous and exciting, but let’s face it, it can take a long time, giving you jet lag and being pretty exhausting. When you take a staycation, unless you’ve decided to drive to the opposite end of the country, you’ll spend a lot less time travelling and more time ‘on holiday’. Unless you’re the type of person who actually enjoys travelling, you’ll be happy to get to your accommodation in a couple of hours and not what feels like a couple of days! You don’t even need to drive if you book a coach trip. That way, you can completely relax and enjoy the scenery. For more information on Coach hire Gloucester, visit Coach hire Gloucester service by John Dix Travel.

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Save Money

When comparing holidays, you might think that a budget airline offering a cheap flight makes it more economical to go abroad. However, once you’ve factored in all the additional costs, like passports, fuel, overnight hotel accommodation, airport parking, taxis, hotels and spending money – you’ve soon handed over a small fortune. Some accommodation in the UK can seem pricey but if you look for off-peak deals or book well in advance, there are great deals to be had.

Rediscover your hometown

You’d be surprised at how little you know about the place where you live. There are probably galleries, museums, tourist attractions, historical sites and restaurants that you’ve never set foot inside. Why not book a hotel and ‘visit’ your city or town like you’ve never been there before and be a tourist? Visit your tourist information office and learn something new about the place you take for granted.

No need for a pet-sitter

You might be able to take your pet with you on a staycation as there’s loads of pet-friendly accommodation available across the country. This can save you a fortune in kennel fees. Not all pets will thank you for being bundled up and transported, but if you love the thought of holidaying with your pooch, then this is a viable option.

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Close to home

This might not seem like an attractive prospect for those looking to escape, but it can have its benefits for many people. Most of us have commitments of some sort, whether it be children, animals, work, elderly parents or other responsibilities. Should you be urgently needed for any reason, you won’t be thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet, so you can be home in a short time. You just need to quickly pack up the car and you’re off. No travel company to contact or urgent flights to catch.


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