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What you need to know about hiding your surveillance cameras

Consider these 3 top benefits to hiding your security cameras:

  • Intruders will have a harder time noticing and disabling the hidden cameras.
  • Your guests will be more comfortable and the aesthetics of your house won’t be compromised.
  • The hidden WiFi camera is more efficient at catching criminals in the act and gathering proof to confirm suspicions.

You can hide cameras both indoors and outdoors.

What are some DIY ideas for hidden cameras that can be used without being detected? You can use hidden cameras both indoors and outdoors. Find out more about CCTV Installation Worcester by visiting apmfireandsecurity.com/cctv-installation/cctv-installation-Worcester

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  1. Purchase a mini camera or hidden security camera

A spy camera or a small security camera would make a great DIY hidden camera. It is easier to hide a camera that has fewer wires and is smaller.

They can be hidden anywhere: in your garage, garden, front door or porch. These are extremely portable.

You can get a camera that has a higher resolution (at least 1080p), audio, Wi-Fi connection, night vision and an app. A battery-powered security camera is sufficient.

  1. Hide a Camera Under Eaves/Ceiling/Soffits

Most mini cameras can be mounted under the eaves and are almost invisible. It’s so tiny and its white body so opaque that it is hard to see unless you really look.

It is best to install your surveillance camera on a weekday, when the majority of people are working. They won’t watch you hide your camera like on the weekend.

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  1. Disguise Outdoor Cameras in Birdhouse

The traditional birdhouse makes a great place to hide a camera. A birdhouse with a closed design and a tiny opening at the front allows you to place a security camera on the outside. This will allow the video recording of the cameras.


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