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OLED displays the technology that permanently LG bet

After the fleeting passage of 3D television for our lives, in recent years they have been the 4K and the curvature of the features that most manufacturers have endeavored to promote (and publish) in their new ranges of televisions. In the background seemed to be the panel, namely the technology behind them.

LG OLEDIn this respect the main battle that raged recently between plasma, LCD and OLED, has already been in about two: LCD and OLED. And LG has already decided that your bet will definitely OLED technology. The company has announced that by 2018 will have invested nearly 9,000 million for leading the development of OLED technology, whether as other manufacturers say, the price of the technology still presents a major obstacle for takeoff. Especially when a technical level LED panels have become very serious this year with the nanocrystals.

Not only TVs: Smartphones and also all you need screens

The choice of OLED technology as a bulwark of its display division is not something that surprised at LG. Your TV range is heavily based on OLED panels, and smartphones is that more companies opt for this type of panels. Flexibility, consumption and possibilities in terms of design are essential in a market such as the smartphone and now also in TVs. Since the company already working flat out to get put on the market flexible OLED panels.

LG Display will use the nearly 9,000 million in developing both large panels for TVs as flexible displays for smartphones, cars and wearables course, with advanced head to watch. Its main objective is to anticipate the market and optimally positioned in both market share and technology and manufacturing when these products explode. So try to offset losses already generating global company accounts division of LCD screens.

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