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The blackphone 2 will arrive in September, new privacy commitment on your mobile

The launch of blackphone was one of the highlights of the MWC 2014. The company was joining Geeksphone Silent Circle in an effort to develop a smartphone that privacy was the core of the experience. After the disappearance of Geeksphone Silent Circle is now posed the renewal of the device, which we discussed a few months ago.

The blackphone 2 will arrive on the market next September and the officers of the company have already taken a first step for staging: we reserve the device, which features a hardware bet more in keeping with the times and regains his, Silent OS, and security applications as protagonists.

BlackPhoneThe blackphone 2 is adapted to the times

In the renewed product page we can take a look at the confirmed specifications of the device, which will now display its 5.5-inch resolution-is-not specified, an octa-core 1.7 GHz processor, 3 GB RAM, microSD slot and a rear chamber 13 Mpixels, along with a thank feature: support for fast charging the battery (which no specific data on capacity are given).

In the betting software, which is the most interested potential users of this platform developments come as so-called Spaces, that make dispongamos phone in one of several “soft phones” that allow us to “keep our private life and compartmentalized professional safely. No data are shared between the spaces”. The proposal seems clearly intended to provide advantages for those who want to profit from the philosophy BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the company.

The inclusion of the Silent Phone, Silent Text and Smarter wireless communications applications that protect Subscription- services -are consolidates this commitment to privacy and security that they were a cornerstone in the first blackphone. While the device does not appear to have had excessive impact among end users, Phil Zimmermann already made ​​it clear in an interview in January that the product was well received considering itself in the enterprise market, and it seems clear that now want to strengthen this orientation to professional users.

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