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How to keep your van roadworthy

Vans typically don’t receive the same high-standard treatment as their speedier car counterparts. This list breaks down the importance of keeping your van in top condition for the roads.

This is a given with any road vehicle, but considering that vans typically carry heavier loads, it’s important to check tyres frequently.

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Keep an eye out for punctures small and large, and ensure the treads haven’t eroded below 1.6mm. This is the minimum legal limit, so make sure you remain vigilant. For more information on treads and road laws, see the AA website here.


Oil is integral yet overlooked in the upkeep of a van. Oil keeps the engine lubricated by reducing friction, in turn reducing heat, in turn reducing long-term damage.

Brake fluids, engine coolant, and even screen-wash are also essential for a smoothly operating van. Keeping your brakes functional is self-explanatory, but screen-wash maintains good visibility and also helps clear salt build-up during winter.

General Upkeep

Small problems can quickly spiral into big ones, from rubbish getting caught in mechanisms to chips in the windscreen shattering. People seeking used vans for sale Gloucester typically mention these smaller details as deterrents, so be aware if you’re considering resale.

Online sites such as https://cotswoldvancentre.co.uk/buy/used-vans-for-sale/gloucester/ can help you with properly preparing vans for sale, or provide expert guidance on purchasing.

Although vans boast superior storage space, they are also more susceptible to theft. Ensure expensive equipment is kept out of sight or elsewhere to deter would-be thieves.


Probably the easiest to check of all the listed variables, lights are your eyes in the dark and are sometimes the only way other drivers can spot you at night.

Simply turning on all the lights and inspecting all around the van will save you from potential danger on the roads. If there are any issues, take it to a garage when you can – during the day!

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Vans tend to go unused for long periods of time, leaving them prone to battery drainage, especially in cold weather. Ensure you keep an eye on the charge to prevent potential breakdowns far from home.


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