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How we got public toilets and why.

In the medieval times there was no such thing as public health. It wasn’t even a consideration a monthly or yearly bath in the local river was about as much as people could expect and they walked the streets pretty filthy. It was a marked contrast from the Roman times before where public baths, barbers and latrines were the normal state of affairs.  As the centuries rolled on it soon became clear that one of the reasons there was so much pestilence and plague around was that people were dirty and worse they were not able to dispose of their waste in a proper way. In fact it was more a case of going to that river where they bathed and also where they got their drinking water.  Something that was particularly nasty is that human waste was simply chucked out into the street with barely a warning.

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It was the Victorian who realised that we as a populace needed a different approach to the subject of public health. They had a fine respect for the Roman’s and liked to draw comparisons with their Empire and that one from the ancient world.  An ill populace was not a good thing for the economy either and the mill and factory owners were annoyed that their workforce was regularly reduced by inconvenient outbreaks of typhoid and cholera. So an answer had to be found. This was the introduction of the public toilet away for people to be able to conduct themselves without polluting the environment around them. The flushing toilet by Thomas Crapper and the “halting station” designed by George Jennings for the Great exhibition of 1851 also helped enormously as these could be installed into the plumbing system. The Victorians built drains like none before them (save the Romans) and we still use these drains today.  The cleanliness of a washroom needs Washroom service provider Gloucestershire company  http://simplehygienesolutions.co.uk/ who can provide everything you need. Once the loos were installed it soon began to have a positive effect on the public health of those in the cities and towns quite dramatically.

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In the modern era many of the public toilets have been closed down following abuse and vandalism. However they have found a new lease of life as alternative pub and cafes. They are bought under the proviso that a public loo element will remain taking the control cleverly out of the council’s hands but also repurposing the building to a wider use.


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