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“I do not have money to go to the gym.” No excuses: so you can train without spending a dollar

In the middle of the economic crisis, two things have been proliferating everywhere: the chains of low-cost gyms and the economic excuses not to exercise and get in shape . And at the same time there was an element that advanced and advanced without people noticing that they had before them the best alternative to be able to get fit with the minimum expense.

With the help of technology (especially tools such as YouTube and social networks), we have at our disposal infinite options, tutorials, tips and applications to exercise on our own and with a limited economic cost to the bill we pay of mobile monthly.

How to train using YouTube?

YouTube is a great tool to search for videos and tutorials on how to train and perform exercises without having to go to a gym or having to have great knowledge of personal training. But be careful, because everything that glitters is not gold. Obviously we have to learn to separate the straw from the usable, and for that we must also do our part. How can we differentiate good channels from those that do not contribute anything? Among other things, because good channels always update their content and knowledge.


A channel in which we will find exercise routines to work the whole body without leaving home or using any type of material. In addition, you will find tips on health, food and sports, and healthy and easy recipes to do at home. Simple exercises and good advice to get in shape with the minimum cost.

Groups of runners: a way to overcome our laziness

If running on our own is something that costs us, there are numerous groups of runners who usually come together through social networks simply to go for a runand make cardiovascular workouts less boring. In addition, another of the benefits of going out in a group is the component of fellowship that is encouraged, helping each other in times of downturn during a training or career.

Simply using a search engine like Google or if we have a social network and search for ” groups of people to go running ” or a similar expression, we will surely find one near our home and lose the laziness to go running.

Calisthenics: train using your own body

The calisthenics is a training method based on using your own body weight and body to perform exercises and movements . The best known form of calisthenicsand we have been doing for many years are the classic push-ups or the so hated dominated.

On YouTube, talking about calisthenics is talking, without a doubt, about Frank Medrano . This type of training is hard, because there is no possibility to graduate the weight with which we are going to work: our weight is what it is and with it we will have to deal with it. Therefore, the calisthenics will provide us, in addition to an excellent physical form , a mastery of our body that no other type of training can give us.

As you will see in his videos, Frank Medrano’s workouts are truly amazing, but remember that once upon a time he was also a beginner in the art of calisthenics and also had to start from scratch.

Applications for mobile phones: “fitness apps”

Within the world of technology, fitness applications for training from home have also proliferated at a fairly high pace in recent years, and this is good and bad at the same time.

It’s good, since these applications allow us not to have to spend as much money as it could be to sign up for a gym, having to travel by car or public transport, buying material, etc., etc. .

However, the use of these mobile applications has its counterpart point, and it is the non-specialization and specificity that a personal trainer we hire may have . The applications give us the exercises to perform and do not take into account our previous level, if we have or have had any type of injury … and these are some factors that can make us doubt this type of applications to train from home .

Parks with “exercise machines”

These are the so-called ” parks for the elderly “, since at the beginning they were designed for older people to exercise and encourage a healthy lifestyle among this group. However, it happens a bit as with mobile applications: they do not take into account the particularities of each person and present a unique pattern of guided movement, so for a person who had some kind of functional limitation or movement, could result more harmful than beneficial .


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