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When they became our friends too.

Friends has become one of the few television series to stand the test of time and its popularity never seems to dip. The characters quickly became household names and the actors and actresses fame seemed to skyrocket overnight.

The One with the Cop – This episode has what should be a very ordinary scene with Ross moving a newly purchased sofa into his upstairs apart but as is the way with some of Ross’ scenes you actually end up in fits of laughter at his antics. Ross refuses to pay the movers fee and so decides that with the help of Chandler and Rachel he can move the sofa himself.  Hilarity ensues when Ross starts directing Chandler and Rachel into how to get the sofa around the difficult turns of the stairs with the phrase ‘pivot’ being ever etched on the audience memory. The scene is so comical that when looking at Gloucester sofas and purchasing one from https://www.gloucestersofasandbeds.co.uk/sofas/ recently the image of the three characters half way up the stairs had me smiling to myself whilst I arranged the delivery of my new sofa.

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The One after the Superbowl – After Rachel goes on a date with Jean-Claude Van Damme even though she knew that Monica was interested in him tensions begin to rise between the two ladies. Phoebe tries desperately to mediate between the two friends but a ‘cat fight’ ensues between the two of them ending with Phoebe wading in and grabbing both Rachel and Monica by the ears and forcing them to reconcile their differences.

The One with the Jellyfish – Monica, Chandler and Joey spend the day at the beach and it has disastrous consequences. Joey and Chandler recount the story to the others after the relationship between Monica and Chandler is noticeably strained. They explain that Monica was stung on the foot by a jellyfish and was in immense pain. The two men offer to help her in the only way that they know – if you have heard any of the ideas of how to deal with a jellyfish sting I am sure that they already know what they are talking about. It appears that although Joey really wanted to help his friend in her time of need that he was unable to help due to shyness and it was left to Chandler to save the day!

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There are so many episodes that it is almost impossible for you to pick your favourite. Friends has become a bit like a warm comforting blanket, you always know it is there to help cheer you up and make you smile whilst you curl up on the sofa of an evening with your favourite drink in hand.


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