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How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn During a Heatwave

Keep your grass green during the warm weather

Having had a summer to remember, many gardeners have found the heatwave challenging, and they’ve encountered problems in trying to maintain a healthy, green lawn. Many have made the mistake of cutting the lawn too short. This can open up problems. If a lawn is mown in such a way, the plants’ ability to produce energy for growth will be hampered.

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A lawn should be mown with sharper blades. Dull blades will destroy the plant tissue, as opposed to cutting it, and a brown appearance will develop at the surface, leading to the possibility of disease. Sharp blades will stop this brown colour developing.

Bagging up the remnants of lawn clippings may give a cleaner lawn, but mulching is much more economical and indeed a healthier way to treat your grass. The lawn will use the clippings as food, resulting in less fertiliser and less waste. Gardeners should remember to prevent clippings from lingering in streets, or heading towards storm drains, and other areas of water.

When in doubt, always aim for a professional lawn service such as Grounds Maintenance Gloucestershire http://gloucestershiregroundsmaintenance.co.uk. That way, maintaining your lawn to keep it healthy will be less stressful. Professionals can inject good health into it. Furthermore, grass will survive the intense summer heat if it is healthy all year round. Attention should be paid to fertilisation and a sound watering routine as well as regular mowing.

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Hosepipe ban rained off

Luckily for green-fingered gardeners, the hosepipe ban was recently rained off. According to The Guardian, the ban was retracted only three days before it was due to come into force, due to the rainfall.

It’s important too to be careful about not over-watering. One common, yet erroneous, view amongst green-fingered enthusiasts is consistently watering the lawn. It should be watered deeply and not as frequently as one would assume. The entire root area will benefit from a deep watering, but it’s good practice to refrain from carrying out a second watering until the grass is dry. If patches of the grass appear to begin looking dry, the advice is to water. Whilst it is important to keep the grass hydrated, do not repeat this daily, as lawns only require around one-inch of water each week and that includes bouts of rainfall.


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