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10 tips for home manicures

Make our manicure at home is much easier than at first glance, might seem. Just follow some tips to make it perfect, we count them on our blog.

How do manicure at home

To learn how to do home manicures, consider the following key points…

10 tips for home manicures– Lima: To reduce the nails is much better to use a file that scissors or nail clippers as they can defoliate the nail and break it to anything that is a little weak.

– In One direction: When we go to limarnos the nails we should always do in the same direction. This will avoid breaking the edges.

– According to your finger and your nail: Depending on the shape of our fingers will be prettier one way or another nail. If we have rather big toes and we want to give them a more streamlined appearance give a round shape to the nails. In the event that a short fingers are limaremos our fingernails to take an oval shape. If the fingers are very thin a straight and slightly square appearance give the feeling that we have the most beefy fingers.

– Limar Surface: Limar the surface of our nails is a mistake many commit, but this habit makes the layer that protects our nail naturally become brittle.

– Hydration: Hydration nail care not only passes through our hands but apply ourselves oils and specific creams for the nails.

– Cuticles: We must not remove the cuticles too hard, nor is it good or is nice.

– Layers: Be sure well that the first layer of enamel is dry before applying the second.

– Fine layers: It is more effective to apply several thin layers thick and a thick pair dried before and prevents that appear the most annoying lumps.

– Petroleum Jelly: This trick widespread, it is to put a little Vaseline around the nail so that even if we paint off the nail, the nail does not become adhered to the skin.

– Endurecedor: When we apply it we must also do so under the tip of the nail, as it is in this area where it is worn.

What do you think these tips to make you manicure at home?



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