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The cosmetic dentistry industry: planning for patient satisfaction

As cosmetic dentistry increases in popularity, people are performing their own internet research on the dental options available to them. It is therefore important for cosmetic dentists to keep up with the latest developments, so that these options can be discussed at length, in order to arrive at a solution that is satisfactory to the patient and meets dental and oral care standards. There may also be a difference between what the patient wants and what the patient actually needs, therefore simple, direct communication is most important.

Cosmetic dentistry is not just about giving you that great smile. It is based on producing a healthy set of teeth and gums that can be easily maintained. Patients are now commonly involved in a process that is guided by the dentist, known as co-diagnosis, so that treatments meet with their expectations.

The cosmetic dentistry industry

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Treatments classed as cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry may be divided into three groups:

Restorative dentistry aims to restore a patient’s teeth to full health. These procedures include tooth whitening, which can now be undertaken at home as well as at the dentist. Direct posterior composites are probably the most common cosmetic procedure and are used for small to medium sized cavities. Other treatments include anterior composite bonding, indirect tooth coloured inlays, porcelain laminate veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges.

Orthodontic treatment corrects the alignment of teeth. In children, this may involve conventional treatment of all teeth. For adults, the new Cfast brace treatment works on the six front upper and six front lower teeth, the ones that most influence your smile. By focussing on a smaller number of teeth the treatment can be fast and affordable.

Dental implants work like your own teeth and are a great alternative to dentures or bridges. They can replace a single tooth or fill a multi-tooth space without the need for preparation of adjacent teeth for bridges.

Availability of cosmetic and general dentistry in Leicester

Treatment is available from several private practices in the region such as St Johns Road Dental Practice (http://www.sjrdental.co.uk/).

If you are planning to undergo cosmetic dentistry, contact your dentist and arrange for a consultation. During this consultation, a thorough oral health exam will be carried out. This usually includes taking x-rays and agreement on an individual treatment plan, to be implemented by a professional team.


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