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Shoqbox Philips Mini wireless waterproof speaker

Philips has just introduced a new compact and portable speaker, wireless and a high resistance to water and other inclement the Shoqbox Mini.

Now that the good weather has arrived, many are sure what you are required to go to the beach or the pool to enjoy a swim. With us you cannot miss our mobile devices to enjoy our music and favorite videos. However, although power is increasing protection against water by the various manufacturers, it remains inadvisable wet our devices. Fortunately, now we will be able to truly enjoy our music regardless of the water, the weather, the beach sand or falls with the new mini speaker wireless just introduced by Philips.

Shoqbox Philips Mini wireless waterproof speakerFeatures Philips Mini Shoqbox

The Philips Mini Shoqbox (BT2200) is the evolution of which was the best -selling mini speaker in the last two years, the SoundShooter. This speaker was popularly known as ‘Granada hand’ for its spectacular and unique ultra – resistant design. The new Philips wireless portable speaker connection has Bluetooth, so we will not need annoying cables. Being BT 4.0 (although compatible with older devices with Bluetooth 2.1 or higher) and have anti-clipping function, it will play music without cuts or distortions, ensuring high quality audio. In addition, also it features an audio input so we can connect other equipment.

Maximum resistance

Although some portable speakers include water resistance with IPX4 level (splash), the highlight of the Shoqbox Mini is reaching level IPX6, so that holds powerful water jets or falls overboard, since fleet, so we can also use it on the beach, pool or camping.

To this must be added the ruggedness that wins with its two side reinforcements, so they are perfect also to take the field or mountain, or if you want to hear music or talking on the phone with handsfree from the cockpit.

Other features of the Philips Mini Shoqbox

Of compact size (107 x 58 x 69 mm) and weighing 200 grams, it has a controller 1.6 inch 2.8 watts (RMS) that produces a highly satisfying sound. Its lithium polymer battery has a range of 5 hours of music playback or conversation as it includes a microphone to use as hands – free mobile. It is very comfortable to always carry with us through the belt it wears.

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