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The End is nigh!

You’ve probably heard the question, ‘If you had to kill a zombie with the first thing to your left, what would it be?’ Well, you wouldn’t last long if it was a pillow or a tea towel! So how ready do you feel for the impending Zombie Apocalypse?

As crazy as it sounds, the world has gone zombie-mad with books, films, TV shows and video games all welcoming the undead. It seems that zombies have become an integral part of our popular culture along with our eternal love affair with the vampire. What is it that makes us so obsessed with the possibility of the world being overtaken by a plague of marauding brain-eaters?

Whatever it is, there are people who take that possibility very seriously indeed! You can buy emergency kits to help you survive if you become cut off from society during a zombie outbreak and worryingly this advice can be found on the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yes – even the US government thinks we should be prepared!

In your Zombie kit you should have:


Food (non-perishable)


Tools and Supplies

First Aid kit

The End is nigh

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Also important items of ID like a passport or Driving Licence might be a good idea for when you make it to that refugee camp of surviving humans!

There are some interesting tools for sale online fit for zombie slaying.  Some humorous and some to be taken a little more seriously. ‘How to survive guides’, personalised survival kits and you could also get your hands on an 11″ zombie throwing knife!

While all this might make you chuckle, it does throw up some interesting questions about our preparedness for any possible disaster be it undead or otherwise. How would we cope with prolonged electricity blackouts or a loss of clean water supply? Or a pandemic sweeping the globe? Natural and man-made disasters do happen so might it be sensible to put a little kit together without looking like a paranoid oddball?

I think it makes perfect sense and buying a few things every now and again won’t break the bank and won’t leave you feeling like you’ve lost your marbles. A good place to start might be some sensible outdoor tools that could also come in handy for camping. Also some water purification tablets which could be also be used if you travel abroad and are available at an online survival store such as http://www.angloforro.co.uk/.

All in all, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it but take the Scout’s advice and ‘Be Prepared’.


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