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Top Social Media Management Tools

When you’re setting up an online business it can be a hectic time. Juggling all your businesses social media accounts to ensure they work effectively as marketing tools can be a complex and daunting prospect.

Top Social Media Management Tools

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Luckily there are now a number of software tools which can make it easier for you. These enable you to monitor and update accounts across various different social media platforms, through one central dashboard.


This tool employs a unique algorithm to calculate the best time to post or tweet, to the most receptive potential audience. Timing can make a big difference in reaching people at the right moment when they are online. Of course your post or blog content needs to be engaging, so it’s worth getting a few tips to help.


This is a very handy app, which will post your chosen updates to every major social network, including any photos or video. It can also shorten your tweets to ensure they are within the required 140 characters.

Sprout Social

This is a similar multi-platform posting tool, which has some sophisticated monitoring and analysis features and distils all your data into visual form, so you can see how well your social media marketing is working.

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One of the more popular tools, this makes it very easy to schedule and share content linking to your online business, in a regular consistent way. It will also analyse the reach and engagement levels of your posts.


The main focus of this tool is advanced data analysis across multiple social platforms, but it also includes a handy calendar showing optimal times to send out tweets. This vital subject has been carefully studied.


This is probably the most popular social media management software, as it is packed with features and easy to use. It covers pretty much every social media platform you could want to use, and can even track conversations


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