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Chat & Play: Facebook Announces Instant Games for Messenger

Following in the footsteps of games Telegram announced a few weeks ago, Facebook has just introduced called Instant Games, a collection of games that you can enjoy directly in Facebook Messenger, in any conversation with some of your contacts.

The launch, as was rumored earlier this month, includes more than a dozen titles (some of them classics of video game history) and allow you to have more fun conversations, and why not also a little more Competitive.

Chat & Play Facebook Announces Instant Games for MessengerThe Instant Games, as discussed from Facebook in their statement, begin their deployment in 30 countries. At the moment of writing this news the version of the app that we can download does not include them, although this could change in the next few hours.

As for the included games, we can find a bit of everything : arcade, puzzles, classic 80, etc. Some of the specific titles that you can find are PAC-MAN, Galaga, Arkanoid, ZooKeeper, Puzzle Bobble, Words with Friends Frenzy or Space Invades, among others, to complete 17 launch titles. According to Facebook, this list will expand over time.

To play any game of Instant Games just you have to open a conversation you have in Messenger (either individual or group) and click on the icon in the bottom – shaped control console. This will start the game platform, where you can choose the title in question and play by touching the corresponding button.

As in Telegram it is not about games played between two or more players simultaneously, but each player has his own game, and the competition is to see who achieves the best score of the two.

The Instant Games are the natural evolution of my Messenger, which first appeared in 2015. Then came some independent games (the basketball and the football), maybe Facebook will use as a test to see how accepted the Community of users. Judging by their numbers (more than a billion games of basketball, and 250 million football), were not bad at all. It remains to be seen if Instant Games follows the same path.


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