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The Cream Tea and Afternoon Tea – An Old Tradition

The true history of a traditional cream tea is something that many people can get quite heated about – whether it originated in Devon or Cornwall, as well as the ‘correct’ way to put the jam and the cream onto the scone is an argument that endures to this day!

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What can be agreed on is the fact that both Devon and Cornwall are well known for their traditional cream teas, and it is widely agreed that if you are in the area, it is something that you must experience for yourself.

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Traditionally, afternoon tea was enjoyed between lunch and dinnertime, as the gap between these was a long time to go without eating. Introduced by the Duchess of Bedford, it quickly became part of the social scene for the upper classes and also something that people in other regions outside of London enjoyed.

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In the West country, cream and jam were both easily obtainable being a rural farming area, and so the scones with jam and cream became the traditional food of the region, which it is still well known for to this day. For many people, a trip to Devon or Cornwall is not complete without a cream tea still!


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