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We can end the ghost of tendinitis if we know how

The pain is the enemy of every athlete, so in our hand is preventing it appears. Tendinitis is one of those pains that appears in the usual way when it comes to exercise. For this reason we want to stop at this point and we will see what is tendinitis and how we can avoid it.

First of all it is necessary to know that tendinitis is the inflammation of any of our tendons . Tendons attach the bones to the muscles and act as a lever when moving. In this way the tendons intervene directly in the movement in order to get more strength. Because of this, and because the tendons receive little blood flow, they find it harder to recover from the exertion and tend to overload and thus to become inflamed.

We can end the ghost of tendinitis if we know howWhen a tendon becomes inflamed, pain and discomfort appear when the movement is performed. This is not a serious injury, but it is an indicator of lack of rest and overload and can become serious if we do not pay attention. When tendon pain appears, it is better to rest and recuperate, since this is the phase leading to the appearance of more important injuries at the muscular level. But it is also important to prevent tendinitis, because recovery is usually slow and costly. So before anything else we will consider possible reasons why tendinitis appears.

Reasons why tendinitis may appear

In the first place, people with shorter or narrow tendons and muscles with more volume tend to be more prone to tendinitis. The age also influences, since as we reach the years the irrigation in the tendons decreases and the risk of suffering from tendinitis increases considerably.

Tendonitis in the corridors

In the case of the runners tendinitis often appear in the part of the twins and in these cases usually it is due to several factors like an excessive pronation that forces the leg to adopt an excessive toning that overloads the tendon. The same thing happens when we have a shorter leg than another and adopt a position that is not appropriate . The use of improper running shoes is another factor for the appearance of tendinitis, as is doing the activity on land that is not the most appropriate because of uneven terrain or slopes that can cause tendons to resent.

The Importance of Stretching

Also lack of stretching is another cause of tendinitis in addition to excessive exercise. Excessive use of a particular muscle group can also lead to problems with tendon inflammation. It is therefore very important to know what we have to do to prevent tendinitis from occurring.

Planning and controlling routines the key

First of all it is necessary that we do not overload the muscle groups that we are training. For this a very suitable measure is to plan well the different training routines to avoid touching too much a specific part. Along with this it is necessary to respect the recovery and rest times between training days. Conducting marathon sessions without control or preparation is a risk that is not worth running.

How to perform stretching to avoid tendinitis

Stretching is a very important point to keep in mind. When we exercise intensely and muscles overload, tendons tend to contract. For this reason it is very important to stretch after the workouts. Stretching should be gentle and prolonged. You have to spend at least 10 minutes to get a muscular relaxation of the area. In addition, we will help increase the blood supply in the area and make the tendons eliminate some of the overload.

Helps to avoid overload when running

When it comes to running, it is difficult for us to correct bad postures, since it is often a mechanical movement that we do not control. Therefore it is advisable that we go to a specialist such as a podiatrist or a physiotherapist to analyze our footprint. In this way it will be appropriate to choose the correct footwear , and in some cases it will be necessary that we use special templates that will help us to correct the posture and improve the footprint when it comes to running. The same thing happens with other exercises.

Control routines and avoid excesses

With the rest of exercises it is necessary to control each movement perfectly and avoid acquiring posture defects . For this it is important not to use loads too heavy and learn the technique from the beginning so that you can correct any errors that in the long term can lead to an overload that causes tendonitis. In this case we can not resort to staff as in the race, but it is important to adapt the movements to our body, place the devices in the right place and execute each movement correctly.

It is very important that we pay attention to this and avoid overloading the tendons. Never start the house by the roof, and in fitness either. That is why a good base, knowing what we should or should not do and follow it carefully will help us. It simply consists of giving importance to these points that have to be taken seriously if we want to maintain healthy and productive workouts.


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