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Things to Think About if you Want to Run your Own Pub

Running your own pub is something that appeals to many people. A pub can be many things, from the life and soul of the community, to a place that provides escapism and company, or a place for people to meet with one another.

For people who are fun loving and sociable, it is easy to see why running a pub is such an attractive venture. But how easy is it to get started, and what do you need to do beforehand if this is something that you are seriously considering doing?

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Think about the training that you might need – In order to run a pub, you will likely need to learn certain skills first. From management and running a business, to practical skills that are needed to work in a bar, or a kitchen if you are also planning on serving food. You also need to get a licence in order to serve alcohol so factor all of this in.

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Consider the Finances – How will you earn money and manage financially? If you need to refurbish the pub, will you be able to do so? There are lots of options out there to help you with things like this, such as this finance for pubs company https://www.specialistbusinessfinance.co.uk/hospitality-finance/finance-for-pubs/ but it is worth looking into this before you go ahead.

Find a pub that suits you – There are pubs all over the country, but they will all have their own character. Things like location and style make a big difference, so if you want a busy thriving pub packed with revellers, make sure you look in the right places!


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