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Are laptops the end of standalone PCs?

At one time using a PC was always thought to be a combination of a mouse keyboard and a standalone laptop or Tower system.  These are some large and cumbersome blocks of Computing which sit on a desk somewhere in a spare bedroom or in a corner of a living room.  They would be turned on and used for household bills, gaming and also study.  However there was always a revolution on the way as the development of the portable computer came around.  These power books or laptops, as they became known, set out to take over the computing world and become the standard type of computer that we now currently use.  You may still need to use the mouse or a keyboard though. There are plenty of options when it comes to getting Cheap Laptops. Just go to someone like this Refurbished Laptops company for plenty of great options to kit the entire household out.

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Laptop score over PCs  in a number of ways.  Because they are mobile and can be taken anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection and a plug socket to be able to keep the steady charge into the battery.

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Therefore, as long as you can connect to a signal you can use them pretty much anywhere.  The coffee shop, on the train to work, at a  motorway service station  or a relative’s home so that you can show them the pictures of your latest holiday or what the kids have been up to.


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