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Sleepwalking, symptoms and treatments

The Sleepwalking is a disorder that causes sleeping people made improper for someone who is, indeed, sleeping activities. We told you in the next few lines the main symptoms of sleepwalking and treatments.

Usually, the sleepwalking is when we just go to bed or shortly before waking up, and usually lasts about 10 minutes, after which the sleepwalker back to bed, always without waking up, so in the morning you feel tired.

Symptoms of sleepwalking

Sometimes we have doubts about whether someone is sleepwalking, so we will describe some symptoms to give us the know. A sleepwalker could sit on the bed as if to stand up, perform actions such as combing hair or dress (even without comb or clothing), superficial answer questions and wander through the house or leave it.

Sleepwalking, symptoms and treatmentsMoreover, all this can do so with your eyes open and be receptive to sound, thus having a loud sound will be frightened. Usually, the worst consequences may suffer a sleepwalker are injuries that can be done while strolling around the house. A legend that we all thought at some point is that you should not wake the sleepwalker. Actually, all that will happen is that you will be disoriented and confused for several minutes, nothing more.

The diagnosis of sleepwalking is not easy and should be distinguished from other disorders or even possible intentions to make a profit. With the latter that there have been cases of people claiming to be sleepwalking to avoid their legal responsibility for any fact. Other problems that could be confused sleepwalking are: epilepsy, multiple personality disorder, parasomnias or dissociation from reality.

The causes of sleepwalking are very varied and are believed to be hereditary. However, certain external factors, such as an unstable family situation or consumption of drugs and alcohol, can cause this condition or make it worse if you already suffer.

Treat Sleepwalking

The treatment of a sleepwalker is not easy because, not being aware of the person in question cannot be dealt with at that moment. On the other hand, there are no specific medications to control or cure sleepwalking, but sometimes tranquilizers are administered to the affected person can rest.

While sometimes a simple indication to sleep again sufficient. All that remains are some psychological techniques. They help us reduce stress (one of the major causes of sleepwalking).

It is also highly beneficial to maintain a rigid schedule to go to bed as well as a balanced diet and avoid overeating at night.

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