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Belly swelling: Why it occurs and what you can do to solve it

If your belly frequently swells or swells acutely, perhaps you should know why it occurs and what you can do to fix the belly swelling , as annoying as it is unsightly in our body.

What is belly swelling

Belly swelling is the popular name for abdominal distension . Both denominations refer to the volume change of the ventral area or abdominal region beyond normal.

Although it may be only an increase in the volume of the abdomen, abdominal swelling is usually associated with other discomforts such as gasor flatulence and slight pain in the area.

We do not talk about fat accumulated in the abdomen but of an acute change in our abdominal region called belly swelling or distension.

Possible causes of belly swelling

The diet plays a major role in the development of bloating, however, there are also other causes that can trigger the presence of this very annoying condition.

Among the main causes of belly swelling are:

  • Air intake habits such as repetitive gestures due to nerves or stress, chewing gum, consume carbonated drinks or other gas inside, drinking fluids with straws.
  • Retention of fluid that may be due to some condition such as pregnancy in which fluid levels are significantly increased or to excessive consumption of salt and sugar, as well as diseases such as renal or cardiovascular, among other factors .
  • Accumulation of gas in the intestine that is usually due to excessive consumption of fiber or to the recent intake of a large volume of food, especially if these contained simple sugars. Although it can also occur because of a recent surgery in which the abdominal cavity was opened to the outside or pathologies that generate a large colonic fermentation such as irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance , or an intestinal occlusion.
  • Others as diseases that directly generate abdominal distension such as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and others.

We already see that beyond some diseases, what we eat or the way we eat can be a trigger factor of abdominal bloating.

Habits to reduce belly swelling

To reduce belly swelling, it is essential to eliminate the causes or reverse them, therefore, the following habits can help you:

  • Eat slowly chewing each food well in order to promote digestion and at the same time, stimulate intestinal transit to resolve (if that were the cause) constipation and gas accumulation.
  • Drink enough water to contribute to the digestive process, promote the functioning of the intestine and resolve the retention of fluid in case this is the cause of the swelling.
  • Consume modified fruits and vegetables by cooking , since an excess of fiber can also cause abdominal swelling. If the cause was constipation, then we recommend the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • Avoid gumming and chewing gum that can cause both the entry of air and encourage colonic fermentation in the case of the former.
  • Moderate the use of salt and preparations rich in sodium such as commercial snacks, cold meats and sausages, cured cheeses, among other dishes that, due to their richness in salt, may encourage the retention of liquids.
  • Perform physical activity because although it can be very annoying before the belly swelling, the movement helps the intestinal transit, favors the evacuation and elimination of gases as well as it is of help against the retention of liquid.
  • Avoid drinks with gas and the use of straws that as we pointed out earlier, can encourage the presence of gases by encouraging the entry of air into the digestive system.

If the belly swelling persists and would increase despite all these habits that contribute to its reduction, it is advisable to consult a doctor, because the cause may require your help.


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