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Some of the biggest financial scams

Banks and financial institutions are constantly under pressure to protect and maintain your finances from the various criminal agencies that would like to get their hands on your money or your personal details. It’s why they employ the use of KYC processes like that from www.w2globaldata.com/regulatory-compliance-solutions-and-software/know-your-customer/ as a means to protect you and your money. At least they have this technology, in some of the cases below there was nothing.

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  1. Selling of the Roman Empire. The largest land empire of the classical world, the Roman Empire stretched from Scotland to Israel and the basin of the mediterranean. It wasn’t something that you could really put a price on. However, the Praetorian guard had a go after killing the incumbent Emperor. The answer came from one Julianuis. He basically offered the equivalent of 1 billion dollars, split up between the entire army. Unfortunately it wasn’t theirs to sell and when the official Emperor was crowned he had them all killed.

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  1. The hype of Louisiana. John Law was a financial whizz kid from Scotland. He was able to convince the then French government in 1719 what a very good financial investment the state of Louisiana was. The French were sold a land of gold and silver, ignoring the logistical nightmare that the swampy state actually represented. When the truth about the about the place came out and work that was required Law was almost lynched. He escaped dressed as a beggar, which he eventually became.


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