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Seven extensions to transform your experience in Reddit

Reddit is one of the most visited pages on the planet, with a gigantic and super active community. Those of us who are addicted to this platform know the amount of time we can lose by jumping from subreddit to subreddit. Once you’ve tried it, there may be no turning back.

For this reason, we will recommend a series of extensions that offer us a different experience, improving (in many cases) the original proposal. These are our seven favorites.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite (better known as RES) is the most beloved extension for Reddit users. Many of us are no longer able to navigate this website without having it installed.

The number of options that we can modify is almost infinite: activate the ‘night mode’, label user names to know who you have interacted with, end the pages and offer us an infinite list of entries, including filters for spam and NSFW publications and a very long etcetera.

It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera (there is no longer support for Safari, but it should work). You can download each version from this page.


For many, the “outdated” design of Reddit is one of its most attractive points. For others, it may be something that moves them away from the platform, since the experience is not too intuitive when you first arrive.

SHINE is an extension that seeks to completely change the design of Reddit. To start, it offers a different way to show content, being able to see GIFs, photos and videos without having to click on each of the entries.

Best of all, it is completely compatible with RES. You can download it for Chrome and Firefox.


Like SHINE, Reditr allows us to modify the visual aspect of Reddit. The fans of TweetDeck will feel very familiar with this tool, since the content is shown in columns where we can scroll infinitely.

Each of these columns can show the publications of your favorite subreddits, multireddits, searches, users or a specific topic. Reditr is available as an extension for Chrome, as a web app or can be downloaded for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Reddit on YouTube

One of the best things that Reddit has is its community. Many times, I see an entry and what interests me most is discovering what they have said about that news, video, meme, etc.

Thanks to an extension we can be on YouTube and see Reddit’s comments about that video. We have the option to switch between YouTube comments and Reddit comments with a single click.

We can get it with Reddit on YouTube for Firefox and AlienTube for Chrome.

Reddit Comment Collapser

Following with the threads, this extension offers us a “more elegant” way to show the comments. We will simply have to click on the column that we want to expand or contract on the left side.

It is compatible with Reddit Enhancement Suite and is available for Chrome and Firefox.

Reddit Submission Finder

Those of us who use Reddit know that the rules are quite strict, and it is usually penalized to repeat the same content. Thanks to this extension for Firefox we can know if the page we are visiting has already been shared in a subreddit.

Another positive point is that we can go directly to the publication on Reddit, vote it or quickly access the comments. Chrome users can do the same with Reddit Check.

Reddit Companion

This is the only official extension of this article. Thanks to this extension for Chrome and Firefox we can vote, save and view comments without an “intrusive” bar.

It also gives us the opportunity to send new links to Reddit without leaving the page we are visiting. Another positive point is that it will notify us whenever we have new messages or comments.


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