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The importance of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah

When a Jewish girl or boy reaches the age of 13 they undergo a monumental change in their lives. Prior to the age of 13, their actions are all the responsibility of their parents. When they get to the start of their teenage years this all changes and they are deemed responsible for their own actions. They can also begin to take a much greater role in wider Jewish Society and become active parts. This includes taking religious services.

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It’s a huge change to the life of the young Jew and does carry a lot of weight and responsibility. However it’s also a joyous time as well and usually involves a big party to celebrate this initial “coming of age”. One of the best ways to acknowledge it is to send Bar Mitzvah Cards like those from cazenovejudaica.com/uk/cards/bar-mitzvah.

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13 might seem a bit early but when you consider that life expectancy was a lot lower when Judaism first began it makes sense. The Talmud, the central text for the Jewish faith, makes mention of how someone after the Bar or Bat Mitzvah should observe the feasting of Yom Kippur. A more modern take is the hiring of a hall and the organisation of a large gathering of family and friends. These friends don’t generally all need to be Jewish.

Much like the sweet sixteens or quinceanera it’s a great way to celebrate the start of the next phase of a young person’s life.


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