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When to See an Orthodontist?

If there is any question about bite or tooth alignment, it’s a good idea to see a specialist, such as Cardiff orthodontists, straight away. While badly rotated teeth or overcrowding are not hard to spot, there are sometimes issues which may not be immediately obvious and these can still prove problematic if not dealt with.


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Age of Treatment

Your child’s dentist will be keeping a close eye on their tooth development and eruption and will be able to identify any concerns should they arise. However, there is considerable variation in tooth development and ‘normal’ may be different depending upon the individual. Generally, if there are abnormalities, the earlier they are identified, the better. This will ensure more severe problems can be avoided in the future.

Many adults in the UK are struggling with dental issues which have either been missed or ignored growing up. Regardless of age, it is still worth consulting an orthodontist as very often, even if the problem cannot be completely fixed, it can be made significantly better and more manageable.


It is usually possible to make an appointment to see an orthodontist without a referral, although for those looking to claim for treatment through their dental insurance it is always best to check what is and isn’t covered. Some insurance companies require the policy holder to visit a specific practice for their treatment. For those who do not hold insurance it is still possible to see an orthodontist and to undergo treatment.

Some orthodontic treatments may be available on the NHS. However, for those who do not qualify for this service it is worth noting that, as new and innovative methods have come into practice, treatment is rarely as intrusive or costly as many believe. Most practitioners, such as Cardiff orthodontists Cathedral Dental Clinic, offer finance packages and payment plans.

Treatment Options

Following an initial consultation, an orthodontist may recommend a range of treatment options. Although the type of braces used to correct tooth alignment may depend upon specific personal and oral needs, there are a number of different products available, including fixed or removable braces. These are typically suitable for both adults and children.

Orthodontic treatment can dramatically change the appearance of teeth, reduce the risk of decay, prevent wear and tear and improve speech and chewing.


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