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Style tips for mothers of the bride

Your daughter’s wedding day is not only one of the most important days in her life but also in yours. Watching her daughter getting married is incredibly special for a mother of the bride and provides the ideal opportunity to shine. Choosing a suitable outfit is therefore essential, as there will be plenty of focus on you and you will want to look like a celebrity mother of the bride and make your daughter proud.


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As Carole Middleton proved at the royal wedding, being a mother of the bride does not mean you need to look frumpy or out of style. Fashionable, appropriate attire can make a stunning statement that won’t overshadow the bride.

These style tips will help you choose an outfit that is not only suitable but also makes you feel special.

Stick to the theme

If your daughter’s wedding has a theme or a specific dress code, it is essential that you choose an outfit that ties in appropriately; for example, a flamboyant evening dress would be out of place at a garden party and too casual an ensemble at a formal dinner could be considered disrespectful.

Listen to the bride

As it is your daughter’s special day, it is best if you go along with her wishes and dress according to her requirements. If this means a higher neckline or longer length than you may usually prefer, try to accommodate her wishes. There are plenty of sophisticated, stylish dresses available at sites such as Style & the Bride to suit every preference.

Adhere to wedding etiquette

While some women are desperate to fill the mother of the bride role, it can be somewhat daunting for those who are perhaps a little more shy or reserved. Although your outfit and appearance will create a first impression, adhering to wedding etiquette and maintaining poise and elegance throughout the ceremony and reception will add an extra element of glamour and style to the perception you create.

Pay attention to detail

A mother of the bride ensemble should extend beyond the outfit and include accessories, hair and makeup. Paying careful attention to all these elements and ensuring they are well suited to the occasion is essential for adding an extra touch of style to your overall appearance.

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