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Picture perfect: the vintage updo

If you want a hairstyle for the big day that looks stunning and is easy to do, the vintage roll updo is a great option.

Picture perfect

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What do I need?

You’ll simply need a large paddle brush, a backcomb brush, section clips, a hair donut (cut in half), a light hair spray and plenty of bobby pins. Like all wedding hair-dos, you should practise this hairstyle a few times first ahead of the big day if you intend to do it yourself.

Why choose the vintage roll updo?

This hairstyle offers a lot of benefits. First, it can be done without the help of a professional hair stylist by a friend or even yourself, making it a great option for budget weddings. Second, its soft finish works with the natural pallet of makeup that tends to be applied at weddings. Third, this hairdo lends itself perfectly to having a flower garland placed upon it, and finally, it’s equally perfect when used at a vintage themed wedding or boho wedding.

If you’d rather save the money on your hair to put towards your makeup, whether you’re looking for professional wedding makeup in Belfast such as www.ciaradalymakeup.com or a makeup specialist in London, this is the ideal hairstyle.

Step-by-Step Guide

1.      Brush hair using the paddle comb into a centre parting, then use the backcomb brush to add texture to the hair by backcombing throughout the length.
2.      Put hair into a low ponytail and use the half hair donut to roll hair up from the ends. Don’t worry about doing this step too neatly; remember that a soft finish is the aim anyway.
3.      Once rolled up, tuck the ends in above the ponytail all the way across the back of the head, and then pin securely, hiding the bobby pins as well as possible.
4.      Tease a few strands out at the front if there aren’t any already, and soften the roll if necessary by teasing it a little.
5.      Spray lightly all over with hairspray.
6.      Finish with a beautiful floral or plant garland.

This is a beautiful hairstyle that suits most face shapes. The vintage roll up is especially ideal for someone planning a boho or vintage inspired wedding. It’s also a great budget option because you can do it yourself!


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