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How to get great wedding photos

Photographing a wedding is difficult to get right. Guests can be demanding and conditions are often unpredictable. Our wedding photographer in Hampshire has five tips for budding amateurs:

Before the wedding

Jakrapong Kongmalai

Know your camera

You don’t want to be fiddling around with the camera, when you should be taking pictures. Take time to familiarise yourself and try all the different settings. Practise taking photographs in natural sunlight and with the flash so you are fully prepared for any lighting situation.
Research the venue

lways see the wedding venue before the big day and establish areas for the best photography. Familiarise yourself with the lighting inside the wedding venue, and plan for various weather conditions for outside shots. Browse photography websites for inspiration, they may have even filmed at the same location.

Create a ‘photograph list’

Create a plan with the bride and groom so they can let you know in advance what photographs they would like and when they should be taken. You may have to seek out specific guests, who won’t necessarily be mingling.

Keep shooting

A great wedding photograph doesn’t have to be an obvious one such as cutting the cake or catching the bouquet.

It costs nothing to fill your memory card so shoot everything you can and at every moment. The obvious and the less obvious. Shoot at different angles and try putting on a long lens. Remain unobtrusive to obtain natural shots of people relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Back up your photographs

As soon as you can, and definitely before you relax with a glass of bubbly, you should back up your photographs. You can take a laptop and copy the cards to the hard-drive and have a quick scan to ensure you are happy with the results.

There are many horror stories about terrible wedding photographs.

Shooting a wedding can be unpredictable. You could working in dark, cramped conditions with a demanding couple or there may be a sudden downpour the minute you get outside. Many couples prefer to play it safe and hire a professional company such such as as Lemontree photography.

Photographs are a key component of one of the most important days in your life, a precious keepsake of your wedding day that will be treasured for years and passed down the generations.


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