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What Your Wedding Entertainer Needs to Know

The choice of wedding entertainment is almost endless these days but whether you choose to have a traditional DJ, a Dorset wedding band, or a posse of elephant-riding jugglers, communication is key if you want them to perform at their best.

Of course, the entertainer you choose must take responsibility for their performance, but you must shoulder the blame if you haven’t given them the details they need.

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To help you out, here is a checklist of some of the information you need to impart if you want to guarantee that everybody has the best time possible time – including you – once the big day arrives.

What You Want Them to Do

Whether have hired a local DJ or a band such as the Fat Cat soul party band you need to be sure that you have discussed exactly what they should do on the day. Make sure they know if there are any songs that shouldn’t be played, for example, or any pieces of music that have to make the playlist.

It doesn’t matter, either, if you have hired a juggling clown or a Dorset wedding band, you need to have talked about things such as if you want banter in between sets or songs or whether there are any volume, social or religious sensitivities that they need to be aware of.

Guest Information

If you have been planning your wedding for years or have had to make last minute changes, such as the Californian bride who found herself hosting a party for the homeless rather than a wedding reception, as described across the world’s media in the likes of the Metro and The Washington Post, you may start to take things for granted. Remember, however, that your entertainer will know nothing about you, your guests, or your situation – unless you tell them.


Make sure that your entertainer understands how your wedding will run to ensure that important songs get played at the right time or events such as speeches don’t get delayed.

Name Pronunciation

This may sound patronising but, unfortunately, many wedding entertainers turn up at events not knowing how to pronounce the names of the major players in the proceedings. This can be embarrassing for all concerned but is very easy to prevent.


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