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What are the costs of website design and maintenance?

Sometimes we need to call in the experts. We would all be unable, for instance, to repair our own boilers, fix our cars or do our dental work. That is why there are motor mechanics, dentists, plumbers, and electricians. There are always cowboys and good guys in any industry – it’s just a matter of knowing the difference!

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Website rip-offs

Many small businesses have abandoned their outdated and old websites because web design companies charge ridiculous amounts of money to make minor updates. Customers eventually get tired of paying large sums to update information on products and let the website gather dust.

Scambusters Reports indicate that some people have paid a small fortune to get a website to work as planned, but the site has failed to deliver. The customer is left out of pocket with a very dissatisfied attitude.

There are many talented designers out there

Do not be discouraged if you’ve had a bad past experience. There are always good people in every trade. You just have to do your research and find them. For example, for Website Design Surrey, visit akikodesign.com/design/web-and-digital

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They will provide a transparent pricing structure, and make sure that you own the domain name. There are professionals on hand to help you understand what is best for your business.

Ask for testimonials and examples of previous work when you’re looking for a web designer. Ask previous clients if they were satisfied with the website and their site has performed as promised. Does the customer feel that they got value for their money? All of these things are important to think about when choosing your designer.


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