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How to design a landing page scientifically

Much of the results of any online marketing campaign are conditioned by the convenience of using host pages able to meet their goals.

Proliferate articles that give recommendations and examples on how to get our host pages or landing pages are effective; many of them offer useful guidelines, contrasted by the exercise of practice. One way to reach a good course design is trial and error. Using the famous test A / B to go optimizing results is a must practice. In this article I offer a scientific approach to address the development of home pages.

How to design a landing page scientificallyLet us start with clear objectives

Since this is a complex problem with many variables, we can find in our process of iteration numerous local optima. A local optimum is a point maximizing results modifying the variables that can touch. Find a local optimum better or worse is marked by the starting point. That is, if we see that with small optimizations no longer results vary greatly and are in a local optimum, to jump to another local optimum that could be better is necessary to change in important ways the starting conditions; in our case the design of the home page.

Therefore, to achieve good results will be marked by our initial design. Of course the graphic design and layout of the different elements that we use have a high relevance; but they do not have fewer messages we use. I am a strong advocate of working intensively on the development of effective messages, giving this area a maximum attention; a job that I love doing.

A home page can have different main objectives, selling a product, strengthen the brand, get business meetings for a fair, get records to a database etc. Is logically necessary to have clear which is the main objective of the home page, and if appropriate, to define a secondary objective. More than 2 goals clearly marked can introduce too much dispersion in the design.

Once again AIDA comes to the rescue

to work scientifically in the development of the messages that we will move to our client and get better results I use sales technique AIDA. This technique helps us in numerous other sales situations, such as the design of radio spots, get business appointments by phone, etc. We will follow to design our landing page. To demonstrate the steps I will use a concrete example of home page designed with the aim of getting business appointments. The service will sell campaigns are marketing to arrange business meetings at fairs.

A host this page attract customers through online campaigns, for example adwords, or linkedin, email marketing or blog marketing. I will not go into the design of these actions, but the design of the home page must be unified with them to maximize results.

  • Attention. To start I need attention. It is the first step and without him I can not move. In this case the message “This action will bring tail” is used. An attractive and striking image reinforces this message.
  • Interest . Once I managed to get attention I must awaken the customer ‘s interest not to lose. We use the phrase “To sell more need more sales meetings”, reinforced by the most explicit and product – oriented “Pack high commercial performance for fairs”.
  • Development . If we have managed to arouse the interest of the client, it is time to move him strongly as simple as possible more detailed information about what we offer you, and. In this case it has been chosen to briefly describe the elements of the service visually reinforcing the concepts with icons.
  • Action . Once you have developed the arguments that we convince the customer, we turn to make the call to action. In the example we create an aesthetic breakdown of investing page background color with a striking pad pointing to a simple contact form pimping phrase “How many sales meetings you want?” and direct action request “Request personal attention”.

I personally like to include under the call to action more detailed information for those potential customers who like to read a little more, need more technical details, or may require further clarification to better understand what is involved. On this page hosting, and service quite sold and the business message appears at first explained. It has been considered that it is not necessary further refine the business message. Therefore the landing page closes with a clarifying sentence about the service and the results it generates.

8 essential recommendations for high efficiency

  • clearly identify our interlocutor, designing messages directly related to their interest. It is often convenient reinforce messages and run business long technical specifications that are not understood and nobody wants to read.
  • Having a clear call to action, and not confuse the customer with noise and elements or links that compete with it.
  • Request a number of data as small as possible. A good idea is to do it in 2 steps; the second may even be via email.
  • Use a separate confirmation page for the form, and use it to secondary objectives, such as requesting follow-up on social networks.
  • Strengthen customer confidence data identifying the company. In our example host replicate the foot of our website, which includes the navigation, so customers can easily access customer recommendations, references etc.
  • Caring for the usability of the page. Not introduce elements that work without the user’s control, such as motion video autoplay and even less with the sound on, etc.
  • Make a neat and attractive design. Leave no wrong. Being perfectionists.
  • Using A / B testing to debug the design, in which we can change both the different messages and page elements, seeking to improve results.

The home page is a key to the success of an online campaign element. Any effort to make a well thought worked and development can lead us great satisfaction; and of course, if you do not have a specific page we are wasting an important part of the investment.

What other aspects you consider to improve the effectiveness of your pages host?


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