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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the UK

When you’re travelling, visiting a World Heritage Site is a great way to learn about the history of a new place, but what about closer to home? We are lucky enough here in Britain to have 28 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites right in our backyard, each showcasing a unique aspect of life and history in the UK, from amazing architecture to stunning landscapes.

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Castle at Edinburgh

Since the 15th century, Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland, so it’s no surprise there is history here. From the mediaeval fortress of Edinburgh Castle, the cobbled streets and winding enclosures that dominate the Old Town, to the neoclassical architecture that separates the New Town, one look at the area makes it clear why this city is a cultural highlight.

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Stonehenge and it’s Landscape.

Stonehenge and Avebury prehistoric monuments are among the most famous in the world, and have been a topic of almost constant speculation since they were first discovered in the early mediaeval period. From an ancient Roman temple, to a Druid meeting place, a primitive calendar, or perhaps a healing centre, one thing is clear-the structure is still as impressive thousands of years later, regardless of Stonehenge’s original purpose. If you have a Park homes Wiltshire property it’s just nearby. Visit Park Home Life so you can join them.

Giant’s Causeway

The basalt cliffs that make up the Giant’s Causeway offer some of Northern Ireland’s most beautiful landscapes. Visitors from around the world come to walk along the 40,000 columns of black basalt poking out from the sea, formed over 50 million years ago by volcanic activity.


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