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The most polluted cities in the world

Unfortunately, some cities are known worldwide for their high levels of pollution, which makes totally inadvisable to travel to this parts of the world. The high environmental pollution causes serious health consequences for its inhabitants and those living for a while. Air, water and soil are so contaminated that many people suffer in these places various types of cancer, abortions, malformations or neurological alterations, among many other diseases and diseases. In some of these places life expectancy does not reach even 40 years.

The most polluted cities in the worldAlthough they are not the only ones on the planet, itself the following are the most polluted cities in the world today and that, therefore, international organizations advise against visiting:

– Chernobyl (Ukraine)

In 1986 there was the greatest civil nuclear catastrophe ever. The reactor blast at the nuclear power plant released about 500 times more radiation than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Its disastrous consequences are still noticeable today with an air containing uranium, plutonium and other metals, as well as particles of radioactivity. It is impossible to know for sure how many people were affected, but since then millions of people have died as a result of the nuclear explosion, which for years was covered up by the former Soviet government.

– Dzerzhinsk (Russia)

This Russian city was plagued by factories of armament of the era of the “Cold War”. To give us an idea of the seriousness of the contamination existing in this place, in the cemetery of the city only we find dead of less than 40 years. A terrible fact that is explained by the clouds of gases and other highly toxic organic chemicals that are permanently in the skies of Dzerzhinsk. To make matters worse, some 190 chemical agents were released into the groundwater and 300,000 tonnes of chemical waste were dumped in the city for seven decades.

– Haina (Dominican Republic)

Although closed in 1997, still today perceive the negative effects that has left the factory recycling vehicles batteries. All inhabitants (about 85,000 inhabitants) have very high concentrations of lead in the blood with a danger of permanent neuronal damage.

– New Delhi (India)

In the capital of India accumulate millions of tons of garbage and waste that generate many diseases to its inhabitants. Water is also heavily contaminated, which is a risk of serious illness for the population.

– Mexico City (Mexico)

It is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world, as well as another of the most polluted cities. The high level of traffic that there is every day, causes a great contamination with nitrogen dioxide. A haunting “fog” covers the city for most of the time.

– Baghdad (Iraq)

The war and the numerous attacks that have taken place every day has caused the city to be in a state of total destruction, with total poverty that has caused it to be one of the most polluted cities in the world.

– La Oroya (Peru)

All inhabitants of this mining city have been exposed for decades to the harmful emissions of a foundry plant, which generates high levels of lead in the blood. In addition, there are high concentrations of sulfur dioxide, causing the vegetation to be zero in the area.

– Kabwe (Zambia)

The numerous copper industries and farms that populate the second largest city in Zambia have resulted in very high levels of contamination being achieved steadily.

– Beijing (China)

The uncontrolled industrial growth experienced by the Chinese city in recent decades has generated unimaginable levels of pollution. The high concentration of cars and industries have caused a “fog” caused by pollution that permanently covers Beijing’s sky.

– Cairo (Egypt)

Cairo has a serious problem of air pollution due to the engines of vehicles (most of them very old) and industry.

– Los Angeles United States)

As in previous cities, air pollution has become a serious health problem, to the point that the inhabitants have already become accustomed to look at the sky and see a large cloud of pollution that covers the sky. To try to mitigate the effects of this serious public health problem, the government asks the industries to stop burning fuel and its inhabitants the rationed use of vehicles.


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