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Routes in the Picos de Europa

The mountain lovers and hiking have in northern Spain a lung formed by impressive peaks, the Picos de Europa. The preferred area of mountaineers or those who simply want to unwind in your holidays and surround yourself with nature.

You can discover its wealth through the routes that we show below for hiking and mountaineering, so attentive.

Routes in the Picos de EuropaMain routes in the Picos de Europa

  • Route Cares. We started the way to the left of the River Cares, up a hill to the Collaos. After a descent where we find the marked path, we walked to the flock of Culiembro. We cross several bridges such as the Chamois. And finally we get an inner area that leads to the dam of Cain, next to the village with the same name.

Distance: 24 km (round trip) Duration: 6 hours Difficulty: Medium

  • Route of the Lagos de Covadonga. We start from the parking lot Buferrera towards the monument to mining. We ascend to the lake Ercina, and bordering it , we reached the retaining wall. From here we have to climb to the right towards the hill of the Reblagas to reach the Majada of Bricial. Later we find a fork, where we will roll to the right. Once we are in the cabin Regina, we headed to Lake Enol. To return to the starting point we have to go around the lake and to reach the appropriate road.

Distance: 6 km Duration: 1 hour Difficulty: Low

  • Route Canto Cabronero. We started in Oseja, following the path that leads to Soto de Sajambre. From here you can follow a wide road that lies to the left side we will have several flights of costs. Later, we will cross the pasture area of Valdelosciegos to reach the other way to the left, to Los Collaos. We circled the Peak Jurcueto to the path of Collada de Beza. At this point we have to fix on a rising ground, Mass Canal, through the peaks and overlooking Peña Beza right Cabronero Canto. The summit is at 1,988 m. Once we arrive we are left to contemplate the breathtaking views and rest breathing fresh air.

Distance: 14km Duration: 7 hours Difficulty: High

  • Tour Pico Cottage cheese. From Vega del Puerto Pomperi cross the river passing a stone bridge. We turn left, where we find places like Vega of Vega de Piedra or Canraso. It is a long journey of just over an hour to reach the shelter Vegarredonda. We have to go straight up. The climb becomes more complicated from the wall of the Porru Bolu. Once we are in the Collado of Merinas, we turn to the right to advance through the side of cottage cheese. We arrive here directly to our destination.

Distance: 9 km Duration: 5 hours Difficulty: Medium

How about these routes in the Picos de Europa ? You feel like this holiday?



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