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Planning a Holiday? The Ukraine May be the Place for You

Despite Ukraine’s troubled history and ongoing clashes with neighboring Russia on its eastern border, the majority of Ukraine is a safe and enjoyable place to visit. If you are struggling for ideas for your next holiday and want to head off to somewhere a little different, you could do a lot worse than Ukraine! You can get your travel insurance from a good insurance provider such as this insurance broker Bristol https://www.markrichard.co.uk/ Here are some of the best places to visit in this stunning country…

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Chernihiv – One of the oldest cities in the Ukraine, the perfect place to see stunning architecture – particularly Catherine’s church in the city, and just outside the city you will find ancient monasteries set amongst the caves. It is also home to a stunning palace built in the 18th Century, where visitors can explore the beautiful gardens and lake within the grounds.

Odessa – With a fascinating history Odessa has belonged to the Greeks, the Ottoman Empire and then to Russia before belonging to Ukraine. Full of stunning architecture and museums, as well as being the perfect place to enjoy the beach and a thriving nightlife which wouldn’t be out of place on the Balearic Islands! For a holiday, Odessa has it all.

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Chernobyl – The site of the worst nuclear accident in history, Chernobyl and the surrounding area has become hugely popular with tourists since the 2019 television drama based on the disaster. See for yourself the abandoned homes and schools, as they were left. It is the chance to see a glimpse of life in the Soviet Union, and the real horror of the disaster.


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