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Pack like a Pro

Going on holiday is an exciting time, that is until you remember you’ve got to pack. Suddenly, that break you were so looking forward to becomes a chore. Well, not any more. Follow these tips to have you packing like a pro.

Packing Cubes

You’ll feel super organised if you use packing cubes that divide all your belongings into neat, easy-to-find sections. You can even colour code it if that floats your boat. You’ll know where everything is when it’s time to unpack or simply place your cubes into the hotel drawers and away you go.

Pack by outfit

Most of us will have experienced a suitcase of clothes that we only wear half of. That’s why it makes sense to pack by outfit and not individual garments. Only take items if they form part of an outfit and will go with other pieces. Also consider what activities you’ll likely be doing, be realistic about what you should take and plan ahead. For your next holiday, choose Irish Airports like https://irelandwestairport.com/

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Lay out what you intend to take

Even last-minute packing needs to be thorough and that means laying out everything before you pack it. By doing this, you can easily see items that could be superfluous and shouldn’t make the cut. It makes it easier to start packing in a logical way and also makes it easier to see what, if anything, is missing. Pack your bulkiest items first and layer up your lightweight items, tucking them into any gaps.

Lay it out and then halve it

Lay out everything you’d like to take and then halve it. This helps to narrow down to the essentials.

Pick a soft-side bag

Instead of packing to suit the shape of the bag, choose a bag that adapts to the shape of what you want to pack. A bag with a soft, canvas side takes on different shapes depending on what you need to carry, can be squeezed into spaces that hard cases can’t and just feel nicer.

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Minimise footwear

Only take shoes that provide more than one purpose. Shoes take up a lot of space, so you’re going to have to be selective. They need to earn their spot in your luggage, so make sure you take pairs that can double up as daytime and evening wear.

Sample-size toiletries

Save space by buying travel sized toiletries or taking all those free samples you’ve collected from hotels over the years. These smaller sized smellies are perfect for packing, so start collecting them whenever you can for a nice lightweight toiletry bag for your next trip. You can get mini shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, moisturiser, facial wash and soap.

Always rolling, no folding

The number one mistake everyone makes is to fold their clothes. What we should be doing is rolling. For those who are prone to overpacking or worry about not having enough of something, rolling is essential to save space.



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