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Eleven curious facts about Amsterdam channels that you may not know

The Netherlands is a very pleasant destination in the summer season and among its most popular attractions, we find tulips, mills, bicycles and of course the canals of Amsterdam. Today we will tell you eleven curious facts about the canals of Amsterdam that you may not know, in case you dare to visit this city during the summer.

Because it is the flattest country in the world and has been built by winning land from the sea based on sea walls and dams, the canals are something that we associate as something intrinsic to this Dutch city.

Eleven curious facts about Amsterdam channels that you may not know

The canals of Amsterdam and in particular the ring of the three channels or Grachtengordel are one of the most distinctive features of the Dutch city and one of the reasons why all visitors travel to the Dutch city.

1. Some figures

There are a total of 1281 canals and waterways in Amsterdam and total a route of more than 100 kilometers, crossed by numerous bridges, more than 1500and forming almost one hundred islands. The canals are flanked by beautiful buildings with very characteristic roofs on the sides.

The channels, gained to the sea, were built in the 15th century, although the majority were built during the 17th century, in the golden age of the Dutch. The majority of the channels form parallel concentric circles, forming the different neighborhoods of the city.

2. The Ship or Sanctuary of the Cats

A few months ago we talked to you about the Poezenboot or cat boat, which is moored in Singel. The Catboat is a great tourist attraction that receives the visit of about 4,500 tourists on average every year.

This floating house of street cats was an animal protection initiative that began in 1966, when Henriette van Weelde began to welcome street cats, and is located in the center of Amsterdam, about 10 minutes walk from the main station. It is open every day from 1 to 3 PM

3. The oldest coffee in the city

Café Chris located in Bloemstraat is the oldest cafe in the city of Amsterdam, opened in 1624. As a curiosity, it should be noted that the toilet cistern of this cafe is operated from the bar.

4. The Bridge Prison

The widest bridge over the canals, the Torensluis bridge, was built on the Singel, on the site of an old seventeenth century lock. On the foundations of the bridge, a prison known as the Puente Prison was built.

5. The narrowest house?

Actually, the house located at number 7 of the Singel is not the narrowest house in Amsterdam. What happens is that this house has a triangular or wedge shape, the narrowest part being the one that gives the canal, giving the appearance of being the narrowest house in the city.

6. The Floating Pagoda

It is a famous Chinese restaurant, called Sea Palace and is located in Oosterdock. With its lighting and terraces is a very pleasant point for a romantic evening, especially going to dinner time.

7. The houses embedded in a Hotel

Located very close to the station, the hotel Victoria has two houses of the seventeenth century embedded in its facade of the nineteenth century. Apparently, the owner of the houses was a very old woman who refused to sell them so the hotel had to surround them, embedding them in their facade.

8. The Tower of Tears

This tower, actually called Schreierstoren, has this curious name because it was the point from which women said goodbye to sailors when they went out to fish and many cried inconsolably thinking if they could return to port.

9. The essential if you go wrong of time

With so many channels, it is essential to know how to choose, especially if you do not have many days. If you are in the center of Amsterdam, it is convenient to see at least the so-called Huis op de Drie Grachten or House of the Three Canals, with its tiered roofs that overlook the different canals, in the area of ​​Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

10. The Golden Curve

The most majestic channel of the Grachtengordel is famous for the so-called Golden Curve, a large area of ​​mansions that were built by the wealthiest merchants in the Netherlands. The best views are on the East side, in the area between Huidenstraat and Leidsestraat.

11. If you have time, these are the ten most recommended Amsterdam channels

  1. The Herengracht where you will find the Gold Curve.
  2. KeizersGracht
  3. Prinsengracht
  4. Entrepotdok
  5. Reguliersgracht
  6. Brouwersgracht
  7. The Amstel River and its barges
  8. Leidsegracht
  9. Singel and the Bloemenmarkt market
  10. Bloemgracht or Herengracht del Jordan


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