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Cities to travel by tram

Almost nobody likes to take the bus to get around the city. Uncomfortable, enemy of the environment and often crowded. However, few cities offer a more attractive alternative: walk the streets and discover the places and most special places on board a tram. A means of transport that has lost presence in most cities at the expense of cars, buses and the subway, but still keeps intact all its charm and romantic character.

When we think of a tram fills us all is the head of images of trams that cross as up and down the steep hills of San Francisco. Although it is probably the best known of those are still in operation is not the only one, so we discover some of the most special in the world, either by the beautiful surroundings or tourist circuits offer. There are of all types: modern, classic design, … in some cases, have even become the symbol of the city.

Cities to travel by tramSan Francisco

Along with the Golden Gate, the other image that comes to mind when thinking about San Francisco is that of his well-known tram. This historic means of transportation extends from the Castro to the Fisherman’s Wharf and runs through the center of the city. It has a fleet that does not lack old trams, others more modern and even some of classic design coming from Milan.


The tram network of Melbourne (Australia) has modern and classic trams that integrate with the urban landscape. They cross the center of the main roads and link the center of the city with the peripheral areas. In particular, it connects the three main areas of the city: the bohemian Fitzroy district, the business area, and St. Kilda beach. In its route it makes stops in areas of restaurants, shops and leisure areas.


Line 28 of the Lisbon tram is one of the main attractions of the Portuguese capital. It allows touring the beautiful and charming Portuguese city, passing through the most charismatic monuments and buildings. With classic design, it maintains the same charm as when it was launched more than a century ago. At present, it comprises five lines and covers a total of 48 kilometers.


By far, the tram is the best means of public transport to enjoy the spectacular Austrian capital. It covers a total of 172 kilometers, covering the main points of interest of the city. It offers unique views of Baroque façades and the Art Nouveau of Viennese architecture.


Scholarly and cosmopolitan, the German city has one of the best public transport services in the world. Its network of trams dates back to 1865 and is still one of the largest in the world. In total, the system consists of 22 lines that cover a total of 192 km.

St. Petersburg

Like the German city, the second most important city of Russia inaugurated its urban railway system in the 1860s. It currently has 220 kilometers of tracks and 40 lines. It is one of the symbols of the city, and is even a World Heritage Site by UNESCO


Trams Milan are an icon of the city as they can be some of the best-known fashion brands such as Armani or Prada. Its origin dates back to 1875, being one of the most beautiful and impressive in the world. Covers a total of 160 kilometers of the fashion city.


The Dutch capital has sixteen tram lines, most with its own route. It is the main means of public transport in the center of the city. The most famous line is the number 2, as it passes through some of Amsterdam’s main tourist attractions, such as the Royal Palace, De Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), Bloemenmarkt Begijnhof (flower market), Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Vondelpark. Although bicycles populate all its streets and squares, the tram is since 1875 another of the city’s main symbols.

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