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Awe-Inspiring Regions of France

If you have a longstanding dream of emigrating to France then chances are you’ve already visited some of the nation’s more beautiful regions. If you’re looking for inspiration though, here are some of the best places to see in France, whether you decide to research it for moving there or plan to include it in a holiday:

  1. Loire Valley

Known as the garden of France, the Loire Valley is classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty. The valley stretches for 280km in the heart of the stunning Loire River in the central region of the country. The area has earned world heritage status due to its incredible architectural significance with chateaus and magical castles set in the most wonderful landscapes.

  1. Cote d’Azur

On the southeast of France, this beautiful area on the Mediterranean has always been popular with celebrities, artists and royalty. With its glittering blue seas and miles of sunny coastline, it’s one of the most attractive places to visit in the whole country. It’s an exclusive place with stylish and chic cities like Cannes, Nice and St Tropez. For Property for sale in France, visit http://www.frenchpropertysearch.com/

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  1. The Dordogne

Located in the southwest of the country, you’ll discover long winding roads, deep gorges, medieval towns and unspoiled countryside. Many of the traditional chateau here still produce their own wines and the ancient towns and villages boast some of the most enviable monuments, architecture and culture of the entire country.

  1. Provence

Everyone has heard of this quaint, sunny region, iconic for its endless lavender fields. You’ll uncover olive groves, vast vineyards and stunning hilltop villages with typical traditional Provence shutter-board houses. The area is renowned for alfresco dining in the lazy, sun-filled afternoons, sipping great wine and taking life easy. If this sounds like your ideal atmosphere then be sure to visit St. Remy, Baux-de-Provence and Avignon.

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  1. Champagne-Ardenne

Who could resist seeing the birthplace of champagne itself? It is among the most beautiful countryside in France and is popular with tourist wine tours. This region is found in the northeast of the country with miles of uninterrupted vineyards, countryside and beautiful ancient chateau. A visit to Reims a must to see the grandeur of the cathedral there and Troyes offers fantastic art, culture and architecture.

  1. Giverny

Ever wondered what inspired Monet? Well, you’ll understand when you arrive in Giverny. Impressionism was born here and it’s clear to see why with its idyllic, rural beauty. Monet’s home is now open to the public and offers a post-card picturesque house with amazing country gardens. The gardens here were planted by Monet himself and you may even be inspired to paint a picture yourself as you immerse yourself into a magical world of wisteria, water lilies, bamboo and willows.

  1. Normandy

Here you’ll find a landmark second only to the Eiffel Tower. Mont St-Michel is an impressive sight, perched high on a rocky island connected to land by a causeway. It’s an imposing Gothic-style Benedictine abbey that guards over a medieval village, now home to quaint souvenir shops and winding streets.


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