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Vivaldi 1.6 is here with new notifications and editing tab names

The Vivaldi team continues with the slow but sure evolution of their browser, focusing on trying to offer unique novelties with each version. Just three weeks ago they launched the 1.5 taking their first steps on the Internet of Things, while all the news of today’s launch revolve around the tabs.

The main of them is the inclusion of a new system of notifications that specifies in a visible way in which tabs there are new, normal or fixed. The function has been called Tab Notifications. It also implements a new tab selection system and the option of giving a specific name to the stacked tabs.

“We set out this year on a mission to make web browsers powerful again,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Vivaldi Technologies, recalling that it was in April of this year 2016 that they launched the first stable version of the browser. “Everything we develop is at the service of the user and we will continue with our mission.”

Eyelashes, lashes and eyelashes

One of the characteristics that have defined from the beginning the vision of Jon von Tetzchner with this navigator has been to give the user control of his browser. Vivaldi has its strengths and weaknesses, but it is a fully configurable browser to suit different tastes. It is also trying to pull the innovation cart by presenting features that are not present in any other browser.

The star function of this new version, as we have said, is Tab Notifications. It is a new notification system that allows users to know which of their tabs have new content, whether fixed or normal tabs.

It’s something like what we can see, for example, when we use Twitter or Facebook in Chrome. But the big difference is that these notifications are more visible when they appear in the icon of the page that we are visiting. Therefore, we are not so much a novelty unique in browsers as in the face of an evolution of what we have been looking at, albeit in a more rudimentary way.

Vivaldi now also allows us to put any name on a stack of tabs . The intention of this novelty is that, when we have grouped several tabs, we can personalize a name so that it appears in the stack and we can differentiate it at a first glance from any other that we have created.

And the third big thing about this version 1.6 is the improvement of the mechanics of eyelash selection . Just hold down Ctrl (or ⌘ on macOS) and click on a tab to automatically select multiple tabs depending on your domain. In this way, if we have several tabs open from a single web we can handle them quickly.

This new tab selection feature also helps to quickly stack the ones we’ve selected, mark them or move them to a separate window. It will also allow us to close them all at once with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W.

And this is possibly the latest version of Vivaldi 2016. By 2017 there are pending subjects as the promised function to save and restore the state of your browser to make it easier to install on multiple devices, your expected internal mail reader, and a Mobile version with which to complete its convergence.


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