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The value of face to face against the advantages of virtual communication

The popularity of virtual communication, either by e-mail, instant messaging, social networking or other means, has had a significant impact on the way we learn and communicate. All this has led many companies to question the role that face to face communication can play in building a brand and real relationships with customers. However, according to a report by Meeting Professionals, 40% of potential customers client loyalty after a meeting face to face and 28% of business would be lost without meetings. The reality is that both face to face as marketing or virtual communication are essential for any company strategies also can be combined optimally.

The value of face to face against the advantages of virtual communicationFace to face interactions give significant benefits, creating personal connections and building trust between the company and its target audience. Give a handshake, chat and meet customers encourages stronger and meaningful relationships. In addition, and not least, it is that in person, interaction encourages participation. Other related studies indicate that 62% of sales and marketing executives face events chosen as the discipline that accelerates and deepens relationships. And that 82% of business executives need personal meetings when they make important decisions.

Despite all this, the virtual interaction also has its place of importance in company sales and marketing strategies. You only need to know when to virtual events, webinars or use social networks for this. The most common way to choose the virtual communication face to face against reason is saving time and money. For example, the necessary costs of a seminar may be only part of the required for a face to face meeting presence. In turn, the flexibility of virtual participation is another of its main advantages. The location and time are not as big as the other way impediment and speeches, seminars or presentations can be archived for later viewing. While both have great benefits, many professionals and companies are creating communication plans integrating and combining the advantages of each. However, it is necessary to plan and coordinate ‘online games’, just as they would in face – to – face meetings.

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