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The growth of adblockers stagnates and news apps gain popularity in 2017

This 2017 is being a strange year. On the one hand we have one of the busiest periods that are remembered as far as computer security is concerned, punctuated by scandals such as those of the US presidential elections. On the other hand we find a series of trends that, at least, are out of the ordinary.

As published in the Digital News Report , among the trends that stand out from Internet consumers around the world, analyzed in a survey by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, this year is a stagnation in the growth of adblockers, among other interesting statistics that are worth taking a look at.

Among them we can find an unexpected growth of news apps, which have seen how their popularity has increased significantly in some territories over the past year. Statistics on the use of social networks as a source of information are also mentioned.

Adblockers stop growing

One of the upward trends that most scared web publishers around the world (the rise of adblockers) seems to have stopped in its tracks. As shown by now the blockers have not increased their growth compared to last year at the desk.

What has been crucial, according to what has been published, so that its growth has not gone away is that they are not yet widespread in mobile ecosystems. Only 7% of the users that the institute surveyed have managed to install a functional advertising blocker on their phones.

Another sign that adblockers are not going to keep growing for now is that 43% of respondents have agreed to deactivate them temporarily for certain news websites. And apparently 12% of respondents really wanted to see advertising.

News apps rise in popularity

After what the media mentions as a period of “little or no growth” in the use of news applications in almost every country in the world, in Sweden, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Japan its use has increased between 6 and 9%.

Apparently the media have begun to link with this type of apps in searches, social networks and emails, apart from that they have realized that thanks to the notifications sent by this type of applications can establish a strategy of loyalty of the reader.

For that same reason, the countries where the use of news apps has grown the most have been those that have experienced a greater boom in news notifications on users’ mobiles.

Social networks do not like to get information outside of the United States

51% of respondents living in the United States read most of the news on social networks , as do one third of users aged 18 to 24 from the rest of the world. 67% of US users are also informed through television, while 66% also choose to use news or newspaper websites.

Apart from these data, other sources of information are sought in the rest of the world . Considering the scandals with the false news is not surprising either. In most countries, the growth of social networks as a source of news has stopped, or has directly decreased.


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