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Temps, a desktop weather app with an interface to the Material Design

Temps is an open-source and fully multi-platform desktop weather application that can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac. It is not necessary to install it: it downloads the compressed file that contains it, decompresses it and is ready to go. And with the program you will find an interface with a minimalist design and care, very to the Material Design.

An icon represents the time it does at that time, in addition to having animations for rain, storms and snow . It also has a temperature indicator, four-day weather forecast and provides information on its current status, in addition to including the location, date and time. The default location is Berlin, but you can change it by clicking the menu in the upper left corner.

Clicking on the forecast area shows a table with the temperature in the next days. Clicking and dragging on the curve shows the expected values ​​for each hour, all represented with a subtle (though attractive) color scheme.

The interface looks fantastic, but it has some usability issues. It can be difficult to discover its characteristics, besides it is not a “real” window, so you can not keep it above other applications with which you are working at that time if you need it. Although these problems may be irritating for the first few minutes, once you understand how Temps works they go to the background and see how useful the program can be.

The only major drawback you have is that you use a free OpenWeatherMap API to collect the data, which means you can only do a limited number of queries per day. Put another way: if there are too many people using Temps, their updates may fail.

The best thing you can do to avoid it is to enter the link and register to generate your free key API …

When you have copied it, open Temps and click on the menu and paste it in the field API key :

This key will be unique and exclusive to you , so you will not have to worry about possible faults than the default program provides. Think that once it has been generated it takes about 10 minutes to activate.

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