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Sweeter sounds for consumers

The hi-fi industry is being urged to work harder to encourage consumers to switch to better quality audio systems so that they can enjoy the benefits of high resolution sound. According to the hi-fi trade organisation, Clarity Alliance, far too many consumers are happy to put up with mediocre audio quality while only a minority are interested in pursuing systems capable of generating higher resolution sounds.


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The call follows the release of data from music industry body BIP showing that there has been a four percent rise in the consumption of digital music, including a ‘soaring take-up’ of streaming services . As streamed music is listened to over the internet rather than being downloaded to a computer, the bitrates of the files that are being played tend to be lower, which in turn reduces the quality of what is being heard.


While the hi-fi industry has long focused on quality music reproduction, the low cost and convenience of streamed music services mean that consumers are increasingly willing to put up with lower quality sounds. One way for the industry to fight back is to do more to promote the benefits of upgrading to systems that sound far better, in the same way the television industry has helped consumers see the benefits of HDTV.

For the most part, better sound comes from having better components. For example, toroidal transformers have a number of advantages when it comes to conventional laminated transformers that make them ideal for use in high-end audio systems: they are far more efficient for a given size and weight and have extremely low and sometimes zero levels of mechanical hum.


In the past purchasing toroidal transformers meant paying a significant premium. Today, thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques, this premium has fallen to the point where they are extremely competitive compared to more conventional transformers. Specialist manufacturers such as http://sigatransformers.co.uk/ offer a selection of bobbing wound and toroidal components, along with associated assemblies, and can create custom transformers to suit your individual needs.

Listening to streamed music at lower bitrates means consumers are failing to hear the songs the way the original artists intended. By contrast, high resolution audio played through first-class equipment is the closest thing a listener can get to being there in the recording studio as the tracks are being laid down.


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