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Sony Reader PRS-T3: Evacuate and experience a natural reading

There is no doubt that one of the star gifts this Christmas will be the electronic books. And is that of the best things in this life is to be able to escape with a good book and live real stories and imaginary, disconnect from the routine and enjoy one of the most rewarding activities that exist: reading.

With the new Reader from Sony you can get away to enjoy your favorite stories and experience a natural reading thanks to the latest technology that the manufacturer has included in the Reader PRS-T3. The sensations transmitted by this new model are similar to those offered by a paper book, but with all the advantages offered by the digital format.

Sony Reader PRS-T3 Evacuate and experience a natural readingThe PRS-T3 exploits the experience gained by the most prestigious Readers manufacturer, and surprised by its attractive design, ultra – thin and very light, so you can continue reading anywhere. In addition, its compact size allows you to carry even in a pocket, so you do not have any trouble always accompany you so you can disconnect from everyday life.

When you want to continue reading, you just need to open the protective cover of the Sony PRS-T3 and retomarás reading at the same point where you left off. This is a function of auto on / off allowing greater comfort, while protecting your screen looking like paper.

Its electronic ink display high resolution offers an unsurpassed image quality that perfectly simulates the look of a paper book , so you’ll have a complete reading experience, without being annoying to your eyes at any time, Although you spend hours and hours reading. At no time will you think that you are reading on a screen, given the naturalness and crystalline clarity that the device offers.

For added convenience, Sony has incorporated a technology to turn the page is as smooth and easy like a paper book.

Forget also the charger and be looking for outlets, since the new Sony Reader offers an incredible range, allowing you to read an entire novel. And thanks to the function Quick Charge, you can charge the book in just 3 minutes, so you can continue reading without having to wait.

The Reader PRS-T3 Sony has a capacity of no less than 1,200 electronic books that you can purchase and download from major online booksellers at less than they cost the same titles in paper format price.

The new Sony Reader also includes a number of features that will be of great help. So, if you do not know a word, you can look up its meaning in different dictionaries. Also, you can add notes, get more information from Wikipedia and share your favorite quotes with friends and family through Facebook.


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