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Some Americans think that Facebook is as bad for society as tobacco or McDonald’s

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement in which he analyzed the results of last year: “2017 has been a difficult year”. Having shown false news to 126 million Americans before the election has left them in a delicate position.

A recent study conducted by Honest Data seeks to analyze how Americans see this social network , comparing it with large technology companies and other sectors.

Negative impact on society

To conduct the study, they asked 2,000 Americans to identify in a list of companies those that have a “negative impact on society.” They have broken down the results into two large columns, on the one hand the technology companies and on the other large corporations.

In both graphics Facebook does not remain in a very good position. Regarding the technological industries, it leads the first position, above Twitter and Google . Anyway, Twitter follows closely enough and we must bear in mind that 53% answered “none of them”.

The most interesting data comes when they compare it with other industries. As we can see, 27% think it is more harmful to society than McDonald’s (21%) and Coca-Cola (16%). The first position is occupied by Marlboro, with 43%.

Obviously, a more in-depth study would be necessary to know the true perception of a society. Anyway, shows a striking trend, showing that Facebook has a worse image every time.

The proof is in comments like the one of Roger McNamee, one of the first investors of the company , who in the middle of the past month assured that the social network “is not good for the democracy nor is good for the users of Facebook”.

Censorship , problems with content moderation , malware … the list of problems is quite extensive. Zuckerberg has begun to make important changes in recent weeks, aware that they have to take many important steps to get their users to trust them and use the platform more actively.


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