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Software testing is the key to customer satisfaction

Whether you are bringing new products to market or adding new features to existing products, the use of automated software testing software helps to ensure that all possible bugs have been identified and removed from a program or application prior to release.

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In an increasingly competitive market, any apps or programs that fail to function as expected are likely to suffer a slew of poor post-launch reviews. This can make it extremely difficult for them to have an impact on the market, even if the faults are swiftly fixed, as first impressions tend to be the most enduring.


Software that fails to work as it should can result in financial penalties, either as a result of poor sales or due to financial penalties for non-compliance. Untested software can also be costly in terms of the additional time required to put right problems not spotted at an earlier stage.

Facebook is currently in the process of testing messages that self-destruct after an hour rather than remaining available indefinitely. This is a feature of Facebook competitor Snapchat.

Introducing new features to long-established platforms such as Facebook has always had the effect of splitting users into two ranks ‒ those who approve and those who do not. It is hugely important to ensure that products without a committed user base are as bug-free as possible at the time of launch and following any critical updates.


Few if any programmers are capable of getting to the end of a project without making a mistake, which is one of the reasons extensive software testing is so essential. In many cases such tests are extremely repetitive and, as a result, there is the chance of further human error being introduced into the testing process itself. One way to address this issue is to employ the services of a provider of automated software testing, such as http://www.mytesters.com/.

The use of automated software testing software speeds and simplifies the process of bringing a product to market. Sophisticated testing software does more than simply running a series of tests – it can also report outcomes and compare the results of tests with those from earlier runs. Unlike manual testing, such tests can be run at any time of day and repeated as often as necessary.



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